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About | Salt 'n' Sauce

About Salt ’n’ Sauce

Salt ’n’ Sauce is a quality chippy by seafood restauranteurs, Bonnie Gull. With two highly regarded restaurants in Central London, we’ve earned a reputation for sourcing and cooking great quality fresh British seafood.

Our fish and chips became famous and was rated by The Times in their UK top 10 and so it seemed only natural to create a new brand to focus on this most wonderful British dish.


Salt ’n’ Sauce follows the Bonnie Gull ethos of sourcing high quality seafood from British waters. The fish in our fish and chips is super- fresh and responsibly sourced and the team cooking your food today are experienced chefs trained in our London restaurants - just because it’s fast food doesn’t mean you have to cut corners!

We hope Salt ’n’ Sauce is the best chippy you’ve ever had.

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